Policies vary in cost depending on many things including the coverage you need, who you’re covering and your age. 
Policies start from around £40 a month for a single healthy 35-year old.

There are many reasons the price of your premium may have gone up, including age, claims made in the previous year and industry inflation. 
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Yes! The majority of UK insurers allow you to switch mid way through your plan.
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People with underlying health conditions can usually get health insurance but it often prohibits you from claiming for treatment of an existing condition or future health problems relating to it.
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The NHS is a fantastic provider of healthcare but private healthcare offers numerous benefits. These include reduced waiting times, inpatient stays in single occupancy rooms, more choice of doctors and hospitals, more flexibility to your schedule and better access to complementary therapies like physiotherapy. 
Ultimately, the decision to go private is very personal and is dependent on your personal situation.

Most of the time, yes. There can be additional fees for those who prefer treatment in Central London hospitals.

No! Our service and advice is always completely free to you. We are paid in commissions from the insurance companies when you purchase your policy.

Almost certainly! Health insurance is our world, and we know it well. We can help you negotiate and use our bargaining power to find you the best price for your health insurance policy.

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